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    Your business, Magnolia Chamber of Commerce & Seattle Metropolitan Chamber

    The Magnolia Chamber of Commerce is committed to helping grow small businesses and maximizing the advocacy voice of all Seattle employers.  As part of our special agreement with the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, we are pleased to offer your small business the Entreprenural Reciprocal Membership with the Seattle Metro Chamber to help increase your presence in Seattle’s broader business community. 

    Why bother?    Entrepreneur Reciprocal Membership Benefits.pdf


    Here’s what you need to know:

    Member companies of the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce will be give the opportunity to enroll as member companies of the Seattle Metro Chamber at no cost if:
    • They have fewer than 15 employees.
    • They are a member in good standing with the Magnolia Chamber.
    • They have not been a member of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber in the past twenty-four (24) months.
    Reciprocal membership is available on an annual basis indefinitely, as long as the business continues to meet the above listed criteria.

    How to Join:

    Simply complete the Seattle Chamber Membership Application and return it to the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce.

    Magnolia Chamber Application.pdf

    Return the application to:
    Jason Thibeaux at jason@magnoliachamber.org or mail to:
    Magnolia Chamber of Commerce
    3213 W. Wheeler St. Suite 42

    Seattle, Washington 98199