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    McGraw Street Banner Program


    The McGraw Street banner hanging system is owned and managed by the Magnolia Chamber​ of Commerce. All banners are reviewed and approved for hanging by the Magnolia Chamber​ of Commerce Board of Directors. The following information is provided to help outside​ organizations understand the criteria by which banner requests are evaluated.


    Statement of Purpose

    Banners are hung as a free community service to drive awareness for events and programs​ that meet some or all of the following criteria:

     Sponsored by the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce (e.g. Summerfest, Halloween Trick​ or Treat, Vino in the Village)

     Build traffic for Magnolia Village and other Magnolia Chamber businesses

     Benefit non-profit organizations that directly benefit the community of Magnolia

     Build community spirit for Magnolia


    The Chamber may choose not to hang banners for organizations or events that:

     Have political or religious objectives, statements or messages

     Are solely for profit and do not benefit a Magnolia community organization

     Compete directly with Magnolia Chamber member businesses

    While all of these factors will be considered, the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to decline any and all banner requests, at their sole discretion.


    Hanging Guidelines

     Banners will be hung over McGraw Street for two weeks. Hanging times longer than two​ weeks are granted for Chamber-sponsored events and other events only on an exception​ basis.

     All Chamber-sponsored event banners are given priority over all other banners.

     No banner will be hung one week before or one week after another banner, with the​ exception of Chamber-sponsored events.

     On an exception basis, two non-competing banners may be hung side by side.

     All banners must be 2-sided and meet size and construction specifications to fit the​ existing hanging system. Please refer to the banner specification sheet, available from the Chamber office.

     Costs for hanging & removing banners: Members, no charge. Non members, $50 per​ banner per occasion


    Banner Request Instructions

    Fill out a banner hanging request form (available from Chamber office or on the Web at magnoliachamber.org)

     Banner requests should be submitted to the Chamber office at least 30 days prior to the​ requested hanging date.

     Requests will be reviewed on a first-come first-served basis.

     Request forms will be processed by the Chamber Board and returned within 10 business​ days.


    Submit your request here!