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    Hello Magnolia!

    We’re in the final countdown towards Summerfest, and really excited about this year. Making Summerfest a reality (now in its 55 th year) requires two things: passionate volunteers and funding. Last year, an understaffed small group of volunteers were able to raise enough money, from businesses and neighbors, to make Summerfest a successful community event.

    The community realized how important Summerfest is and how it brings together an enriched community. This year, we have a great volunteer committee made up of neighbors, but we still need more ideas and more volunteers to staff the event and expand the possibilities. I encourage anyone to join one of our planning meetings in the coming weeks.

    With this year’s funding efforts, we are in a much better position than last year, but are still short of our goal - $10,000 from the non-business community to support Magnolia Summerfest (that’s about 40% of the total cost).

    Over the years, Summerfest has been sponsored by a small group of Magnolia Chamber members and related donors. They’re still involved, but with rising costs and expectations, we need the help of the entire community. That’s where you come in!

    We can reach our goal of $10,000 through the power of numbers. If 400 families contribute just $25, we’ve done it. Please help support this great tradition and connection to the community. We have a funding page on our web site, or you can drop off a donation at Magnolia Mailbox. We’re also selling Magnolia Summerfest coffee at the Farmer’s Market for the next couple of months. Every bag puts another $6 in the fund.

    With your support, we can ensure the future of Summerfest, and add some new attractions, too.


    Doug Kaimakis

    Joe Villarino

    Vice President, Magnolia Chamber.


    Magnolia Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)(6) organization