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  •                                                                 2017 Board of Directors

  • President President

         Donal Kavanaugh






    Donal Kavanaugh, owner and instructor, is a man who knows the value of having a lean, strong, and flexible body.

    Donal was turned on to Pilates many years ago when Cara his sister was going through Pilates certification. Donal understood how special Pilates was from the start. Pilates is a highly adaptable fitness system that can serve any age group or population.

    Donal enjoys many sports such as tennis, golf, fencing, skiing, and swimming. “I was taken aback how Pilates has improved my game in sports. I no longer have the imbalances that affected my performance. It’s a beautiful thing! Pilates is the first program that has changed my life significantly and the only non-routine fitness system that I love to participate in.”

    Donal was at the top of his class, trained, and certified in Body Arts and Sciences International modality of Pilates designed by internationally recognized author and master trainer Rael Isacowitz. Donal is certified to teach all apparatus levels and mat work. Donal has worked with and is sensitive with a wide range of post rehab issues such as hip replacements, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, ankle, neck, abdominal, and back problems. Donal’s mentors include two famous top international trainers Brandon Gamble from Las Vegas.

    Finally, Donal’s philosophy to training Pilates is always to be striving to train deep, be learning, and be client and community centered. Donal is a Board Member of Rotary of Magnolia and is the President of the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce.

  • Vice President Vice President

        Joe Villarino 

        MagnoliaPatrol.org - Executive Director

        Magnolia Chamber Webmaster





    Joe Villarino is a rare Magnolia native; born at Ft. Lawton Hospital (now Discovery Park) and a product of local schools through Queen Anne High School. Now retired, he donates his time to his beloved Magnolia community in so many ways.

    His experience includes:

    • US Army Veteran; 101st Airborne Division
    • Thirty years of experience in Law Enforcement and Private Security Management
    • Web Developer, Mobile App Development and Commercial Video Production
    • Donated time to create numerous websites for community-based organizations, non-profit  groups and local businesses

    Member and Webmaster of these community groups:

  • Treasurer Treasurer

            Bill Whitham

            W.W. Bookeeping

  • Secretary Secretary

           Chuck Flaherty

           Magnolia Garden





    Chuck and Margaret have owned the Garden Center for almost 14 years and they have lived in Magnolia since 1985.  Both had long-time prior careers, Chuck in wine and Margaret in insurance and they started a small cut flower business in their backyard.   When the Magnolia Garden Center was for sale, they jumped at the chance to work together. 

    "It’s really fun owning a neighborhood business; we’ve gotten to know so many happy gardeners and fellow village business owners.  It’s a thrill and an honor to be part of the gardening lives of new gardeners, helping with their first organic vegetable gardens or designing of their first container gardens or first houseplants.  For the many experienced gardeners we see year in and out, it’s fun to hear how they and their gardens are developing as we grow older.  We are blessed to be part of many families’ holiday traditions, from the Village Tree Lighting at Open House to delivering their Christmas trees and presents to their homes.  Helping people, working with plants, greening Magnolia–that’s what we enjoy about being in business in our lovely neighborhood."

  • 2017 Executive Staff

  • Executive Director - Staff Member Executive Director - Staff Member

    Jason Thibeaux

  • Past President - 2014 - 2015 Past President - 2014 - 2015

          Heather Ussery

          Peoples Bank

          Bank Manager

  • Board of Trustees Board of Trustees

  • Mark Mauzey - Board of Trustee Mark Mauzey - Board of Trustee

          Mark Mauzey  

          City Closer






    Mark is originally from Northern California, but grew up in Texas. After getting married, he and his amazing wife Dana moved to Seattle to start their family. They ended up sowing and growing roots in the Magnolia neighborhood, where Mark serves on the Board of Directors at the Chamber of Commerce. Mark’s background in customer service is deeply rooted in his upbringing, with a family that was built around love and duty to others.

  • Alissa Desancic - Board of Trustee Alissa Desancic - Board of Trustee

  • Shaun Myrick - Board of Trustee Shaun Myrick - Board of Trustee


       Shaun Myrick



  • Chamber Committees Chamber Committees

    A. Membership Committee - Chair, Heather Ussery

    B. Finance Committee - Chair, Bill Whitham

    C. Publicity Committee - Chair, Dr. Lotchie Kerch

    D. Banner Committee - Chair, Jason Thibeaux

    E. Summerfest Committee - Chair, Joe Villarino

    F. WInterfest Committee - Chair, Scott Uselding

    G. Halloween Trick or Treat Committee - Chair, Bill Whitham

    H. Website Committee - Chair, Joe Villarino

    I. Beautification Committee - Chair, Chuck Flaherty

    J. Auto Show Committee - Chair, Joe Villarino

    K. General Meeting Committee - Chair, Heather Ussery

    L. Grants Committee - Chair, Donal Kavanaugh

    M. Vino Committee - Chair, Shaun Myrick